Vanessa Fashion Wig SUPER DRI PAIGE


Vanessa Fashion Wig SUPER DRI PAIGE

Super Deep Reverse I-Part

Ergodynamic design for premium quality. Greater tensile strength for greater durability. Stays soft for greater comfort and reduces irritations. Advanced contouring for undetectable hairline and best fit. Vanessa's Deep Reverse I-Part, Cool-vented and contemporary, for distinctive and dazzling styling. Premium high heat fiber safe up to 360F.

Trim excess Swissoft lace for optimal fit. Tape or glue along clean hairline. Do not apply to your own hair. Set for optimal fit. Blend with matching skin tone for most incredibly natural hairline. To remove, use bond remover, hair or olive oil to the taped or glued area for gentle remove.

Color Shown: SP430



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