Outre Purple Pack Long 3PCS BOUNCE CURL LONG

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Your go-to short hair, Premium Purple Pack 3PCS, has gone longer with lengths of gorgeous, glamorous waves and curls to match your outfit and your budget. Outre's Premium Purple Pack 3PCS Long Series is made with 100% Human Hair Premium Blend fibers that have the look, feel, and function of human hair, minus the price tag. Wear it layered for more length, or stretched out for added volume. Styles are limitless when you've got more inches to work with!

Commonly known as the "Purple Pack" because of the vibrant purple packaging, Outre Premium New Yaki is one of our most popular and well-loved items. As a tribute to this signature product, we are proud to introduce the latest, best value hair to the market - Premium Purple Pack by Outre. This latest generation of Purple Pack combines the most sophisticated product design with affordability.


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